EB-1 Resources

Other Resources for EB-1A

Download MPLG’s EB-1A Roadmap. This Roadmap set forth the timeline for effectively putting together a strong petition.

Download MPLG’s Guidance for Expert Reference Letters for EB-1A Petitions. This guidance provides general pointers and a sample outline for an expert reference letter. A strong reference letter can be an integral part of the strategy for a strong Extraordinary Alien petition. MPLG’s team can work with you to put together a persuasive petition. 

USCIS Resources

USCIS EB-1A RFE Template. USCIS issued a template for an EB-1A Request for Evidence. This provides helpful guidance on the issues that USCIS typically identifies. 

USCIS Policy Memorandum: Evaluation of Evidence Submitted With Certain I-140 Petitions, Dec. 22, 2010. USCIS issued a Policy Memorandum which provides guidance on the analysis to be applied by USCIS in evaluating evidence submitted in support of petitions for EB-1A Extraordinary Alien, EB-1(b) Outstanding Professors & Researcher, and EB-2 Aliens of Exceptional Ability.