Fourth Preference Category Immigrant Petition

The Fourth Preference Immigration Petition (EB-4)  is an employment-based petition for permanent residence for special immigrants. Special Immigrants include:

  • Religious Workers
  • Special Immigrant Juveniles
  • Broadcasters
  • G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 Employees and Their Family Members
  • International Employees of the U.S. Government Abroad
  • Armed Forces Members
  • Panama Canal Zone Employees
  • Certain Physicians
  • Afghan and Iraqi Translators
  • Afghan and Iraqi Nationals Who Have Provided Faith Service in Support of U.S. Operations

The requirements vary for each special immigrant category, but in general, each EB-4 petition requires the filing of a Form I-360 with supporting documentation. There is no labor certification of petitioning employer requirement for the EB-4 classification.