Employer Sponsored Permanent Residence (Green Card)

There are a variety of options for pursuing Permanent Residence (Green Card) through employment and our firm is well-versed and well-practiced in providing guidance to employer sponsors and foreign workers on how to best structure and execute these complex filings.

At the Mathews & Peddibhotla Law Group we understand that the green card process is a critical milestone in any foreign worker’s immigration path. We also know that the highly complicated rules and regulations, extensive backlogs and government delays mean that even small mistakes can have devastating ramifications on a foreign worker’s future in the U.S. as well as a company’s ability to successfully sponsor green card applications.

We are experts at the in-depth analysis, planning and management required to successfully prepare the full spectrum of employer sponsored Green Card applications. We understand the complex regulations governing these filings and closely monitor court decisions and trending at USCIS so that our client’s cases have the best opportunity for success.


In addition to providing consultations to individual foreign workers, our firm specializes in working with employers to develop best practices that are fast, strategic, legally sound and cost effective.


Most commonly, employers sponsor foreign workers in a three part process which begins with an Alien Employment Certification (also known as Labor Certification or PERM). The PERM is a multifaceted test of the local labor market to find qualified U.S. workers and is governed by highly complicated immigration regulations as well as ever changing court decisions.


For certain employees and occupations, the PERM process is not required, and the employer can initiate the green card process by filing an I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker on behalf of the foreign worker.


Below is information on the various aspects of Employer Sponsored Green Card filings:

– PERM Labor Certification for professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, skilled workers, or exceptional abilities;
– EB-1 For those with extraordinary ability in business, arts or sciences, managers and executives of multi-national businesses, and outstanding professors or researcher;
– EB-2 For members of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent, or for individuals with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business;
– EB-3 For Skilled or Professional Workers
– EB-4 For Special Immigrants
– EB-5 For investors who are investing substantial funds (at least $500,000 / $1 million dollars).