Immigration QuickTakes

Check out MPLG’s quicktakes on various hot topics in immigration. Each quicktake is under 5 minutes and provides you with an easy to grasp description of key issues in U.S. Immigration. MPLG provides specific ideas and successful strategies for obtaining a visa. Schedule a Consultation today to discuss how to best present your case and find the visa that best matches your unique needs and circumstances. 

O-1 Visa In General

In this quicktake video, MPLG provides you with a visual illustration of the O-1 visa requirements. The O-1 is a great alternative to the H-1B and can help pave the pathway for a Green Card in the EB-1A category, including an EB-1 self-petition. This video is narrated by MPLG partner and immigration lawyer, Kalpana V. Peddibhotla.

O-1 Visa for Start-Ups

Start-up founders and key employees are uniquely positioned for obtaining an O-1A visa. This is especially true for start-ups that are funded either through VC funding, or are part of a significant incubator. The O-1 provides greater flexibility than other visa types including the H-1B, and can lead to an EB-1 Green Card.  This video is narrated by MPLG partner and Silicon Valley immigration attorney, Kalpana V. Peddibhotla.

O-1 Visa for Scientists

Scientists are a great fit for the O-1A visa. MPLG partner and immigration attorney, Kalpana V. Peddibhotla breaks down the requirements with helpful suggestions on best strategies for an O-1 petition for scientists.

EB-1A and Self-Petition

The EB-1A can be a great pathway for the Green Card for individuals with extraordinary ability in science, business, education, athletics and the arts. You do not have to have a Nobel Prize to qualify! This quicktake video provides strategies for success and even how you can file a self-petition. The EB-1 category does not require a PERM, and can be especially useful for foreign national from countries whose immigrant visa is backlogged such as those born in China or India.