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CNET:  As Trump suspends new H-1B visas, many tech workers face an uncertain future

July 24, 2020. Kalpana discussed with CNET the negative impact of President Trump’s proclamation barring H-1B workers from entering the U.S.

NPR’s Member Station KQED 88.5: Forum with Michael Krasny, “Visa Programs Suspended by Trump Administration”

June 24, 2020. Kalpana V. Peddibhotla joined the San Francisco Bay Area’s award winning radio program, Forum with Michael Krasny to discuss President Trump’s latest Proclamation banning immigrants including H-1B, H-2B, L, and J visas.

India West
, Trump Issues Proclamation Suspending H-1B Workers from Entering U.S.; Includes H-2B, L-1 and J-1 Workers

June 22, 2020. Kalpana V. Peddibhotla was quoted by India West in response to President Trump’s latest Proclamation banning immigrants including H-1B, H-2B, L, and J visas.

New York Times:
The Overlooked Undocumented Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil

New York Times, Dec. 01, 2019. Kalpana V. Peddibhotla was quoted in the NY Times discussing how many visa violations are the result of undue complexities in our immigration laws that often confuse people and then leave them without remedies.


India-West:  South Asian Bar Association of Northern California Raises $55K for Nonprofit ‘SEVA: Selfless Service’ at Annual Gala 

India-West, Apr. 23, 2019. Kalpana V. Peddibhotla received the Community Impact Award for her work in leading a national Naturalization Drive for the South Asian community.


NBC:  U.S. citizens applying for green cards for noncitizen spouses see growing waits

NBC, Oct. 03, 2018. NBC interviewed Kalpana V. Peddibhotla’s clients and highlighted the current plight of immigrant spouses and the unprecedented long processing delays under the Trump Administration. Kalpana described the chilling effect current policies are having in this article.


The China Press: The waiting time for applying for marriage green card through

The China Press, Oct. 04, 2018


San Francisco Chronicle: Stuck in abusive relationships, some H-1B spouses seek outlet in work

San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 06, 2018. Kalpana V. Peddibhotla has helped several of her clients currently in the U.S. on an H-4 visa obtain work authorization under the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA). This article traces the plight and success of one of Kalpana’s clients.


India West: DACA Kids Protected for Now as Supreme Court Declines to Hear Trump’s Appeal of Lower Courts’ Ruling Keeping Program in Place

India West, Feb. 26, 2018


Forbes: Trumps proposed DACA repeal don’t forget there are Asian Dreamers too

Forbes, Sept. 06, 2017


India Times: Immigrant domestic violence survivors allowed to work

News India Times, Feb. 22, 2017


India West: Proposed Trump Executive Order Clamps Down on H-1B Visas

India West, Feb. 01, 2017


High Demand Seen for H-1B Visas: Lottery May Be Used

India West, April 5, 2013


Best H-1B Alternatives

Lawline, May 31, 2012

Dream Act

California steps up, but does that help

India Abroad, Sept. 9, 2011


Not Deported: Mandeep Chahal Heads to D.C. Instead of India

Los Altos Patch, June 27, 2011


Pre-med honor student granted 1-year stay

ABC7 News, June 25, 2011


Star pre-med student faces deportation

ABC7 News, June 22, 2011


UC Davis student granted stay in deportation case

Sacramento Bee, June 22, 2011

Tri-Valley University and Other Troubled Schools

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