Spouse Evidence of Marital Relationship

In support of a marriage based Green Card petition, the couple should provide evidence of and be prepared to answer questions about the “bona fides” of the marriage, meaning that it is a real and true marriage and not one simply entered into in order to secure an immigration benefit. This evidence can be provided at the outset of when their petition is filed, in response to a request for evidence, and at the time of the interview. We typically recommend that even if you provided evidence at the outset in support of the petition, that you still be prepared to bring supplemental evidence at the time of the interview.

The evidence that you provide should be that which is representative of your relationship. Thus, there is no right type of evidence or correct answer to a question about the relationship.

Thus, while we have compiled a suggested checklist and sample interview questions, you may have different or additional evidence that is better representative of your relationship. Please feel free to schedule a consultation with our office to discuss the best strategy and documentation for your specific case.

Download MPLG’s Checklist of Evidence of Bona Fide Marital Relationship. This contains a list of common types of evidence. You may not have every document itemized in this checklist, as it is intended as a guide of possible documents.

Download MPLG Sample Marriage Green Card Interview Questions. This provides sample questions that might be asked during the Green Card Interview. These sample questions include those that could be asked to each spouse if they are separated for their interview. In general, the Immigration Officer is trying to determine whether the relationship is bona fide. There is no right answer as the answers are dependent upon the nature of the relationship. Further, a couple may not know the answers to every one of these questions, and we do not recommend memorizing answers. Rather, by providing these details it is our intent to give you an idea of what may be asked.