Temporary Work Visas

Each year, thousands of employers in the United States hire foreign nationals to join their businesses and organizations. These foreign workers often bring highly specialized knowledge to their respective fields, add cultural diversity to the workplace and help U.S. employers maintain competitive advantage in the global market. Despite the many benefits these foreign nationals bring to the United States’ economy, business immigration procedures are often complex and the legal processes overwhelming.

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Non-Immigrant Visa
B Visa For temporary visitors for pleasure or business;
E-1/E-2 Visa For Traders and Investors from Treaty countries;
E-3 Visa For specialty occupation professionals from Australia;
H-1B Visa For those in “specialty occupations,” such as technology professionals,  professors and researchers, lab technicians, physicians and nurses, fashion models, gourmet and ethnic chefs, and many others;
L Visa For intercompany managers, executives, or those with “specialized knowledge” from overseas offices;
O Visa For those who can demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, businesses, education, or athletics;
P Visa For foreign-based athletes, artists and entertainers. There are 4 P visa  classifications;
R Visa For religious workers such as a priest, minister, or rabbi; religious professionals and others where the job has religious significance;
TN Visa For professionals from Canada and Mexico to be employed temporarily by U.S. companies in specific professions pursuant to NAFTA;